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Hi and welcome from Artistic Academy. My name is James, and I’m really excited to let you know we’ve opened a brand new music instruction and arts school right here in  in Brisbane.

What Artistic Academy Offers

We offer piano, voice, and art lessons in the Mitchelton and Greater Brisbane area. For more advanced students we offer audio production, song writing, electronic dance production techniques.

Freedom Art is our art program.  My wife, Saren (she’s the cute one in this picture)  developed this course in conjunction with an elementary school in NSW. Freedom Art was developed to help your child be less critical and accept them selves just as they are.


Saren and I at Valentine’s Day

We are dedicated to helping children discover their awesome uniqueness! We also excel in Asperger in Sensitive children. Here’s an article I’ve written describing six strengths of an Aspergers person.

All people have their gifts and it is our intention to help your children find theirs. And when they do, it’s on! Firstly, self-esteem goes up. Secondly, comparing themselves to others goes down. Lastly but not leastly, their ability to communicate increases which increases self-esteem; and the snow ball starts.

Game play for good

Know anyone telling their child to get off the game? Sound familiar? There are reasons for that. A primary reason is games give immediate feedback to the player. Research has found immediate feedback to be one of the most effective ways to learn anything. Kids love to learn.   Why not use that natural wiring to you and your child’s advantage?

Stay In Touch

I’m currently writing a blog on the unique talents Aspie children have. It will be the next article from me.

In the meantime, please check out and like our FaceBook page. And remember say hi and tell us about yourself via the message button.

Oh also, in the comment area below, can you let me know which social media you use; Twitter, Instagram, etc.? I will be utilising the social outlets my people use the most.

Finally, I want this to be a dialogue between us so, we can better understand what it means by living with an ASD person.

Ta for now,

James and Saren

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