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In my previous posts, I wrote about the strengths of an Aspergers person and why we use a Strength Based Coaching Method. Today I want to let you know of the latest research  which shows music grows your child’s brain, literally! Want to improve your child’s reading and language skills?  If so, read on and learn why music improves language.

Music Increases Language Centre Development

Researchers have done studies to find out what is going on in the brain after being involved in music for a certain amount of time.

  1. They did brain scans on a group of children.
  2. The subjects were then randomly separated children into two groups; the control group and the test group.
  3. They then subject the test group to a music program for 2 months. So music for half and no music for the other half.
  4. They then did brain scans again on all subjects after the exposure to the music program was completed.

The result? Children subjected to the music program for only two months showed a physically larger language centre of the brain compared to the control group (no music instruction)
All subjects averaged the same before testing!

Music And Word Meaning

Another study indicated music involvment increases the ability for your child understand the meaning of words.  Kids as young as two with as little as 20 hours of music tuition has shown significant improvements in word recognition. This correlation increased with the length of exposure to music tuition. The relationship was so strong that the researchers were labelling effect as casual.


The implications of these finding are huge. Verbal acuity and memory are the foremost predictors of academic success! This emphasises the strong relationship between music and language.
So what are you thoughts? Artistic Academy would love to hear them.
What are your personal experiences with music in your formative years?
Do you agree with the findings of these two studies?
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