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Adam Young | Artist On The Spectrum

by | May 14, 2018 | Artists, Blog, Music

Previously I featured Susan Boyle, and Travis Meeks. Today, it is my immense pleasure to introduce Adam Young, creator of the electronica project Owl City!

Asperger Identification

Although not formally diagnosed with AS/ASD, Adam has publicly stated he identifies and thinks he has Aspergers. Adam has some of the tell tale signs such as sleeping difficulties, extreme introversion, very shy regarding dating, and terrified with telephone conversations. All traits my Asperger friends have.

Notable Songs

In 2009, Adam Young received  acclaim with his song, “Fireflies” which hit #1 on Billboard Charts for 4 weeks. He later collaborated with Carly Rae Jepsen on “Good Times” which topped at #6 on Billboard.

Although I was not actively following him, I appreciated what he was doing in the industry. His style wasn’t dark and moody. It was positive and optimistic. It was a great musical example to children and adults alike.

Disney Project

I believe this optimism is what attracted the producers at Disney to offer Young a song on the “Wreck It Ralph” film. That song is, “When can I see you again”. He also released Vanilla Twilight where NBA legend Shaquille O’Neil made an appearance.

Young is very religious and is an outspoken Christian. His faith comes through on the album, “Beautiful” and, quite clearly in the song, “Galaxies” on the aforementioned album.

Regardless of the intense anxiety inherent in his profession, Adam Young has took fear and set it on its head. Adam Young is a shining example of embracing the fear and courageously moving past the challenges he faces. Well done Adam!

So what are your thoughts? How are your children facing their fears and moving through them? Any tips? What about the article? Is there anything you may know about Adam Young that you would like to share? This is a blog for inspiring people. Please share any inspirational comments you may have.

If you’d like more information on Adam Young, I would highly recommend checking out his web site and/or videos on YouTube

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