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Did You Know Music Classes Helps Build


Research shows improvement in language skills for children who take music classes. Music is a language without words just like math. One skill you learn is reading music.  Another skill is expression without words.


Music brings the child an opportunity for Self Discovery and Skill Mastery. Both are foundations for confidence. The more confident, the more willing to give it a go with new things.


Just like music, Math is a language without words. Studies also show children who study a musical instrument also do better in math. It makes sense. Musical rythmn and notes are divisions of themselves.

Specialising In High Functioning ASD, And Sensitive Children


James doesn’t just teach music, he gives kids the confidence to perform which has a much longer reach. Highly recommended! 😁

Sandie J


James is hands down the most supportive and encouraging mentor. All learning styles are welcomed and all talent is nurtured.

Abbie M


Learning with James is a vital push into the right direction which will not only give you a strong foundation of University-level music production skills, but help you find your own distinctive ‘sound’ in your music which is just as important.

Tyler G

Former Student, Music Producer

My daughter LOVED her music lessons with James he is fun, patient, able to adapt the lesson to my daughters learning style and his love of music shines out!!
Thank you xx

Lynda O


There are so many music tutors that only know how to teach a certain way and then there is James who sees each child for his/her uniqueness and adapts his lesson to cater specifically for that child.

Mel G

Tyler's Mum

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